Jesus gives us the sacraments in his holy Church. They are signs of his presence. Through them the Holy Spirit transforms us and draws us into eternal life. In our parish, we celebrate Baptism, First Confession, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and weddings throughout the year and they are very special occasions for everyone.

If you would like more information please contact the Parish Office or see our weekly newsletter.


Parents who wish to have a child baptised are expected to attend Mass each Saturday evening or Sunday either in churches in this parish or elsewhere. They are invited to give the parish priest a completed application form (available from church porches or the Parish Office) after a Vigil or Sunday Mass in this parish. One or both parents are also asked to attend two faith formation sessions.

First Confession, First Communion and Confirmation

Baptised children who regularly attend a Vigil or Sunday Mass are eligible to receive these other sacraments. Typically, they receive First Confession in Year Three, First Holy Communion in Year Four and Confirmation in Year Six. However, they may also receive them when they are older. They prepare for the sacraments in sessions within the parish which a parent, grandparent or trusted adult also attends with them. This method is called “family catechesis.”


Couples who wish to marry are invited to participate in a monthly six-session preparation course which a married couple runs with the parish priest between November and April each year and which costs £20 per couple. Before the wedding, couples are invited to make a donation to the parish priest of £200.

Adult Formation

Adults who wish to be baptised, or those who have already been baptised (christened) in another Christian church and who now wish to become Catholics, are invited to participate in the Catholic Initiation Group. Baptism and confirmation will usually take place at the Easter Vigil Mass.